4 Reasons to Use the Port of Houston When Exporting to Central America

4 Reasons to Use the Port of Houston When Exporting to Central America

In August 2022, 81% of shipments going into the Port of Miami were delayed. Though the trend seems to be improving, on-time shipments in Miami are still only at 70%.

While there are some aspects of logistics you can’t control, partnering with an experienced 3PL helps. You’ll get your cargo where it’s going more reliably, avoid adding extra fees or fines to an already costly endeavor and be assured of happy customers on the other end.

Four Top Reasons Why You Should Use the Port of Houston

If you are exporting to Central America, shipping your cargo through the Port of Houston helps you avoid Miami port delays, excessive wait times, and all the extra costs you’ll pay on top of the massive inconvenience.

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Here are just a few reasons why shipping through the Port of Houston is the smartest choice when exporting to Central America.

1. Avoid Port of Miami Congestion

Wait times are high in the Port of Miami. When your shipment has to wait, it creates a ripple effect of added costs and customer service nightmares, eating up your time on tasks that could be avoided.

2. Cost Savings When Cargo is Near Houston

If your Central America-bound cargo is located near Houston, transporting it to Miami incurs extra costs and drives down your margins. You could pass that cost along to the customer, but the more you do to reduce those costs, the happier and more loyal your customers will be.

3. No Last-Minute “Surprise” Charges

If the port you are shipping out of is too congested, the cargo planned to depart will stay behind. At this point, your choices are to either spend more to ship it that day or to wait until the next window, which might be days away.

4. Avoid Costs of Unplanned Cargo Warehousing

Further to the previous point, if your cargo is delayed in port, you will be on the hook for additional costs for storage and potential fines. The higher your expenses, the less profitable your business is.

While port delays are regarded as commonplace these days, the more you can do to mitigate them, the stronger and more resilient your company will become. Reliability is a top factor for companies looking to purchase goods from exporters in America, so it’s essential to choose your partners wisely.

The Port of Houston is one of the largest ports on the Gulf Coast and the 7th largest in the U.S. by volume, handling 70% of container traffic in the region. In 2021 it ranked #1 in waterborne tonnage. This year was their biggest for containers to date, up 24% over last year.

Houston’s proximity to Central America is ideal for companies exporting into the region. Whether you’re entering the market for the first time or an established shipper looking for ways to reduce costs and complexity, we can help. Working with an experienced 3PL like DTS World Cargo enables you to navigate all these issues. We’ll help you get your cargo quickly and safely to Central America from the Port of Houston.