5 Benefits of Choosing Custom Packaging and Crating for your Cargo

5 Benefits of Choosing Custom Packaging and Crating for your Cargo

Packaging and crating are among the most essential details of the shipping and logistics process. Proper crating prevents damage and ensures your cargo arrives at its destination intact and as expected. In addition to reducing risk, your packaging can also help you satisfy the legal and regulatory requirements of the destination country.

Companies that regularly ship odd-shaped, oversized, or fragile items or deal in exported goods across borders can reduce risk and costs by choosing custom crating services. Today’s post will look at some of the most common mitigating factors contributing to custom packaging decisions.

Five Top Benefits of Custom Crating and Packaging

Here are five top benefits to help you understand why logistics companies like DTS World Cargo recommend custom crating and packaging.

1. Size and quantity are not a problem

When you choose custom packaging, the size and dimensions of your shipment are not an issue. For companies that ship items that need special attention, custom crating is especially beneficial as it ensures the integrity of the goods inside and reduces the potential for returns or loss claims.

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2. Reduce the Risk of Damage

Custom crating and packaging services are recommended to protect your goods from damage. Professional crating companies craft packaging specifically for your items to ensure they are safe and secure. Custom crating helps reduce breakage and other damage that can occur during shipping.

3. Regulations are Met

Your packaging must meet the requirements of the destination country to clear customs. A professional packaging company like DTS will be able to advise you on the specific regulations that need to be met and ensure that your shipment is packed correctly. When you choose custom crating and packaging, your 3PL oversees all the details to ensure all requirements are satisfied.

4. Variety of Materials to Choose From

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of materials that can be used for custom crating and packaging. Some of the choices include wood, metal, plastic, and foam. In working with a professional packaging company, you can be confident in choosing the most suitable material for your shipment.

5. Special Attention for Uneven Shapes

Oddly-shaped or oversized items don’t always fit into standard packaging. Custom packaging and crating ensure your items are packed snugly and safely to prevent damage or exposure to the elements.

Bonus Tip: Custom Crating and Packaging Reduces Costs

While custom packaging may cost more upfront, it can actually save you money in the long run.

Breakage and damage are reduced, your products arrive at their destination as expected, and shipments won’t be held up on the dock for repackaging. Any form of packaging damage or compromise could result in your shipment being delayed in transit, which could mean costly fines for you and unhappy customers on the other end when they don’t get the products they ordered on time.

DTS World Cargo specializes in custom crating and packaging, and we’ll work with you to implement a strategy that helps you reduce costs and risks from end to end.