Customs management made simple with DTS

Forget about outsourcing your customs transactions or spending weeks preparing documentation. With DTS, customs clearance is as easy as the snap of your fingers.

An impossible cargo mission? DTS makes it possible

Transport heavy machinery, industrial and other large cargo to grow your business.

Import documentation
that passes all international entries

Single and formal registrations
according to your import needs

Power of attorney filing
and other documentation for customs compliance

Drawback entries
to reduce warehousing and taxes costs

Surety bonds
to bring high-value equipment on each shipment

Material classification
according to customs regulations

Simplify your Supply Chain. At DTS we take care of everything

Your customs management is easier when you have a reliable partner. Move your goods all over the U.S. or export your products without worrying about the process.

Take your business to the next level!

Obtenga todos los servicios bajo un mismo techo