Is a Freight Forwarder the Best Option for eCommerce?

Is a Freight Forwarder the Best Option for eCommerce?

Intro about freight forwarding and e-commerce needs (quick response, responsibility, experience)

If you operate an ecommerce business, you know how critical it is to respond to and deliver on customer expectations. However, meeting those demands isn’t always easy, nor does it come cheap. With transportation costs and capacity challenges rising, it’s getting harder to provide the fast, free services shoppers demand without taking a chunk out of your bottom line.

Partnering with a freight forwarder can ease many of your ecommerce logistics concerns, helping you simplify processes, gain efficiency, and reduce costs from end to end.

How Can a Freight Forwarder Help My Online Business?

Freight forwarders provide logistics services, coordinating and shipping goods and cargo domestically and internationally. Because the nature of ecommerce is borderless, partnering with an experienced freight forwarder helps ensure your shipments get to their destination reliably and as expected and removes many of the complexities typically involved with cross-border ecommerce.

Here are a few of the ways a freight forwarder supports ecommerce businesses:

Warehousing services

Warehousing is just one of the services a freight forwarder offers, giving you flexibility in storing your goods between the origin and their ultimate destination.

Shipping documentation

Freight regulations and documentation can be complicated. A freight forwarder ensures your documentation is correct, helping you avoid delays and regulatory fines.

Freight space guaranteed

Your freight forwarder leverages long-standing relationships with carriers to ensure you have the space you need for your freight.

Simple Steps to Improve Logistics Efficiency in 2022-2023

Cargo consolidation

A freight forwarder is skilled at optimizing loads and modes of transport to reduce costs and make the most of available capacity.

Merchandise insurance

Freight forwarders carry their own insurance and deal with claims regularly. They will take care of all the paperwork in the event of loss or breakage so you can focus on what you do best.

Cargo tracking

State-of-the-art tracking technology enables you to track your cargo from door to door. With complete visibility into your goods in transit, you’ll worry less and improve customer satisfaction.

Negotiation processes

Working with a freight forwarder gives you a significant price advantage vs. self-managed ecommerce logistics. You’ll have access to better prices because of their buying power.

Things to Consider Before Partnering with a Freight Forwarder

When choosing a freight forwarder, here are a few things to consider:

· Transparent pricing. Work with freight forwarders that are upfront with their pricing policies as issues like freight volumes, where you’re shipping to, and the types of goods you’re shipping can significantly impact the cost.
· Experience. Be sure the freight forwarder you partner with has a good reputation and experience working with ecommerce companies.
· Full-service provider. Choose a freight forwarder that offers all the services you need, such as warehousing, packing, crating, documentation, and customs.

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