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DTS World Cargo is a licensed customs house broker, supporting your shipping and freight forwarding needs across international borders. We make it easy to get your goods where they are going, handling all necessary documentation and liaising with government officials in the receiving country to ensure a safe, expedient, and predictable transfer. 

A Full-Service Experience

Many shipping companies have to outsource their customs house transactions, which can often cause delays, miscommunication, and added cost. DTS brings both freight forwarding and customs services under one roof, saving you time, money, and the worry of whether your shipment will arrive on time and as expected.

Whether you are already doing business internationally or if you are hoping to expand into new or emerging markets, we can help ensure your initiative is a success. Some of the customs processes we handle include:

We facilitate every international entry, no matter what mode of transportation is being used, whether air, ocean, or DTS ground service. Leveraging our international relationships, we provide advance information on arrivals and accelerate  the pre-clearance process for your cargo.

If you are not a registered importer, our customs broker will register your company for a single entry. Formal entries are filed by registering you as a continuous single-commodity importer. This approach gives you the option of handling your cargo either on a one-off basis or by opening new frontiers for global trade.

We file all necessary documentation and list your power of attorney with customs. We take care of notarizing and sealing all legal documents to support verification of products and conduct of entries. Only authorized personal and designated brokers are able to represent you in this way.

If your cargo requires storage in a duty-free zone warehouse, your draw back on this material is critical. Similar to temporary imports, there are specific requirements that must be met to enable cargo withdrawals at a later time and date. We advise and provide you with all the guidelines and permits you need to move your cargo through the bonded warehouse and will file your entries to draw back from this zone. As a result, we can successfully reduce the costs of duties and warehouse storage, providing you with great value and convenience.

Instead of filing a single or formal entry every time you import material into each country we can post a bond for your company and commodities. This will be convenient for customers that bring high value equipment on each shipment.

DTS classifies your cargo according to its corresponding headings before it gets nationalized by U.S. standard regulations, the point at which the tariff of duties, fees, taxes, and all customs schedule numbers are formed. We check and re-check every detail, as your classification of goods must be completely accurate to reduce costs, eliminate delays, and expedite the process.

We transport goods using one or more

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TSA-certified compliance, assuring expedience and efficiency.


Cost-effective services through all major international ports in The Americas and Europe.

Ground & Rail

Top carriers to ensure the best possible service and pricing providing documentation.

Working with DTS World Cargo gives you many advantages

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Whether you are shipping container-loads of consumer goods, heavy equipment, raw materials, or automotive parts, DTS will work tirelessly to help you meet your timelines and maximize your budget.

You can count on precision, quality, and attention to detail, along with the kind of personal service you would expect from a small company. We stand behind our values, and nothing less will do.

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