Six Central American Export Opportunities for US Companies

Six Central American Export Opportunities for US Companies

Doing business internationally can be highly lucrative. But to maximize profitability, it’s essential to ensure your freight forwarder is experienced with import-export procedures on both sides of the border.

Many shippers trust DTS World Cargo to handle exports to Central America. Our industry expertise and long-standing relationships with key stakeholders in the United States, Mexico, and throughout Central America ensure a seamless experience from the warehouse floor to your customer’s door.

Export Opportunities in Central America

DTS regularly handles shipments of various goods and machinery for export. Demand is high, and business is excellent, presenting many opportunities for companies to consider.

Here are just some of the types of goods we ship between the US and Central America:

1. Electrical Machinery

We ship electric motors, generators, and parts for energy-producing machines, such as turbines. Shipping large and oversized parts such as these require special handling, packaging, and expertise to minimize impact in transit.

2. Cars & Auto Parts

We ship new vehicles and auto parts to and from major auto manufacturers in both countries.

3. Industrial Machinery

We regularly ship farm equipment and machines for factories, oil and gas production, wineries, distilleries, manufacturing, and more.

Main Types of Sea of Cargo in the Shipping Industry

4. Chemicals

Chemicals and hazardous goods require special handling. Our team takes care of all the packaging and paperwork and knows exactly what’s needed to satisfy all compliance and regulatory requirements.

5. Petroleum Products

DTS ships oil and gas products by ocean and over land. Safety and compliance are always the first order of business, and you can be assured of a worry-free and cost-effective process.

6. Clothing

American brands are always in high demand throughout Central America. Exporters that seize this opportunity will benefit from a red-hot market with high growth potential.

How DTS Helps You Maximize Central American Export Opportunities

For exporters expanding into new markets, Central America presents many attractive opportunities. However, cross-border business can be complicated, especially if you’re just getting started.

The most efficient and cost-effective strategy is to work with a logistics partner that is experienced and well-versed in US and Central American export procedures.

The DTS team works with exported goods every day. We are trusted logistics services providers with expertise in packaging and shipping large machinery, oversized items, hazardous goods, and export documentation. We ensure your cargo is labeled and handled correctly and accompanied by the proper documents to clear customs quickly and without incident.

Exporting to Central America has excellent profit potential; there is no question about that. But to avoid delays and maximize your return, you must ensure all processes and regulations are addressed at the source. Working with DTS, you can be confident that all those details are taken care of so that you can focus on building your business.

At DTS World Cargo, we are your allies in exporting to Central America. Find your buyers, and we will deliver your merchandise in optimal condition and within the estimated time, complying with all the customs requirements of the Central American region.