Top 10 Ports in America for Industrial Oil and Gas Cargo

Top 10 Ports in America for Industrial Oil and Gas Cargo

Industrial oil and gas ships through some of the busiest ports in the world. Working with a logistics provider experienced in this area is essential as it ensures your cargo moves through the ports reliably and with minimal delays.

Here is a list of the ten busiest ports in the United States:

1. Port of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest and busiest port in the US, spanning 43 miles of waterfront. Cargo going through this port includes consumer goods, auto parts, animal feed, and scrap metal.

2. Port of Long Beach

Long Beach ranks #2 in the US and is known for its eco-friendly operations. Cargo coming through this port includes food products, meat, dairy, beer, wine, and fish.

3. Port of New York & New Jersey

New York & New Jersey is the main port on the east coast. Scrap metal, wood, vehicles, breakbulk, beverages, and petroleum products ship from this port.

4. Port of Savannah & Brunswick, Georgia

Anything coming into or out of Georgia comes through either the Garden City Terminal or Ocean City Terminal. Incoming cargo includes sugar, coffee, rice, onions, and palm oil. Outgoing cargo includes animal feed, nuts, seeds, grain, flour, cotton, and poultry.

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5. Port of Virginia, Norfolk

China is the largest trading partner for this Virginia port. Incoming goods include nuts, beverage alcohol, coffee, and vegetables. Outgoing goods include soybeans, flour, grain, tobacco, and cereal.

6. Port of Seattle-Tacoma

The Port of Seattle is known for its automated grain operations and specialized equipment for transferring grain from trucks to silos to cargo ships. As a deep-water port, it can accommodate large cargo ships. Other than agricultural goods, vehicles, toys, and equipment of all kinds flow from this port.

7. Port of Houston

The Port of Houston is the busiest in the US for foreign tonnage, the largest on the Gulf Coast, and just a few hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Recent upgrades with new super post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes accommodate the newly-expanded Panama Canal, making it ideal for high-volume industrial oil and gas cargo shipping.

8. Port of Oakland

Oakland is considered the most important port on the west coast for American agricultural exports. Clothing, electronics, glass, consumer goods, fruit, nuts, and wine also ship through Oakland.

9. Port of Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina Ports have a unique feature—a free trade zone—which means anything coming or going from this port does not carry any tariffs. Imports include palm oil, meat, and non-alcoholic beverages, while exports mostly include beverage alcohol, cotton, and vegetables.

10. Port of Miami

The Port of Miami is the deepest shipping channel in the southeast and covers seven million square feet of cargo storage. Citrus fruits, dairy, brandy, and poultry ship out of Miami, while imports include frozen fish, wine, vodka, and vegetables.

When it comes to shipping industrial oil and gas, the Port of Houston is the best and most reliable choice as it is designed to accommodate this type of cargo at high volumes. DTS ships daily through the Port of Houston and has established a reputation as one of the most reliable in the region and the industry.

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