Had A Bad Experience with a Logistics Provider? Here’s How to Avoid It!

Had A Bad Experience with a Logistics Provider? Here’s How to Avoid It!

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There are few things worse than putting your trust in a vendor, only to have everything go wrong. If you’ve had a bad experience with a 3PL, we won’t blame you for being hesitant to move forward with a new one. When things go wrong, it affects just about every aspect of your business, including customer satisfaction. And if you don’t have that, your business will suffer. There’s little doubt about that.

But we want you to know, not all logistics providers are terrible! DTS works around the clock to establish strong, long-term relationships that are based on trust. Our success is your success—and that’s the bottom line.

What Does a Bad 3PL Look Like?

If you’ve never worked with a logistics provider before, you might not recognize signs of trouble. So, let’s start there. If you experience things like:

· Outdated technology or lack of technology puts you (and the provider) at a disadvantage. A good 3PL offers cloud-based tracking, so you’ll know where your shipment is at all times.

· Poor communication is just bad business. Your logistics provider needs to be responsive to your needs and offer multiple ways to get in touch. Ideally, you’ll also need a point person, someone who knows your business and can act on your behalf.

· Inefficient international shipping processes delay your time-to-market and potentially put you behind the competition. You can’t afford to work with a 3PL that lacks experience and resources in this area!

· Inexperience with customs will cost you both time and money. Choose a 3PL with a solid track record in export markets to ensure your cargo gets where it’s supposed to be on time and as expected.

· Improper packaging results in broken products, delayed deliveries, and unhappy customers. You need to work with a logistics provider that understands crating and packaging so your cargo arrives safe and intact.

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How to Avoid a Bad Logistics Experience

If you’ve been on the receiving end of poor logistics services, have no fear! Here are a few tips to ensure you always choose wisely, but always remember, transparency and technology are fundamental pillars that contribute to your success.

· Always verify the logistics provider’s experience and reputation. Read online reviews to see what others are saying.

· How extensive is their network? Your 3PL needs to be able to accommodate your shipping needs. If your plans exceed their capacity, don’t compromise.

· Take your future growth plans into consideration. It makes no sense to have a logistics partner that can’t scale with you.

· How flexible and agile are they? If they hesitate to offer real solutions to your needs or can’t answer your questions, perhaps they are not the right 3PL for you.

· Drill down to the nitty-gritty. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, case studies, and data that will inform your decision.

· Ask yourself what metrics and stats matter most and make an informed decision based on those numbers.

Identifying these critical points early will help you recognize any concerns—but you can reduce the risk of accidents, inconvenience, and delays by hiring a reputable, full-service 3PL like DTS.

At DTS, we offer innovative systems to enable visibility into the status of all processes. We also carry all the certifications and documentation you need to be confident of a smooth ride every time.

Call today to speak to us about your needs. We’d love to show you how we can help.