This Is How a Logistics Partner Helps You Improve Customer Experience

This Is How a Logistics Partner Helps You Improve Customer Experience

Even though many aspects of logistics are beyond your direct control, prioritizing customer experience (CX) supports your growth, helping you win more business and ensuring your customers feel valued despite the constant disruption.

Think of the customer experience as the connective tissue between your revenue and the customer. When you work with a logistics partner, they become part of that ecosystem, so you can see how that relationship becomes critical to ensure the best possible outcomes.

How The Right Logistics Partner Improves CX

Here are a few ways that a logistics partner helps you improve the customer experience:

1. Helps you meet your delivery schedule

Logistics in today’s economy is volatile—and that’s an understatement! From container shortages to capacity limits and massive backlogs through global ports, delays happen all the time. Working with a 3PL like DTS World Cargo gives you an advantage as we can navigate those challenges and get ahead of them before they become problems. We prioritize transparency, and all processes are supported by the latest technology, helping us provide more accurate lead times, so your goods reach their destination as expected.

2. Properly protects your cargo

Proper packing, crating, and palletizing are essential to ensure the integrity of your goods from point to point. Shipments that arrive broken or compromised in any way reduce your profitability, increase risk, and negatively impact customer satisfaction. To ensure your cargo arrives intact and as expected, your logistics partner must prioritize best practices in packing and crating, considering every transfer point along the way and conditions that might affect the commodity inside.

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3. Saves you time and money

When you partner with an experienced 3PL, you’ll worry less about your logistics and have a lot more time and energy to focus on business strategy. Your logistics partner also helps you reduce margins as they leverage strong relationships with carriers, giving you access to better pricing than you would be able to access otherwise. Less money spent adds value to the bottom line for all stakeholders—always a win-win situation.

4. Expands your reach

An experienced 3PL knows the global landscape and will help you enter new markets while reducing risk. You’ll get your products into new areas, delight more customers, and access a whole new world of providers without spending a lot of additional energy.

5. Enables agility and flexibility

Whether your company is large and established or new and just getting off the ground, customer expectations are the same. Amazon is the benchmark for customer service, so there are no cutting corners. You need to hit the ground running and be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, so it’s critical to surround yourself with trusted partners that can support you in those efforts. A trusted 3PL helps you achieve these objectives, encouraging loyalty through your excellent customer experience.

DTS World Cargo doesn’t just help you with your transportation and logistics processes; we also assist you in delivering the best possible customer experience. Reach out to learn more or request a quote today.