Is Your Packaging Good Enough to Protect Your Cargo? Check These Tips Before You Ship!

Is Your Packaging Good Enough to Protect Your Cargo? Check These Tips Before You Ship!

Packaging is a hot topic these days. Reusable, recyclable packaging helps us reduce waste and improve green initiatives, but it’s not the only consideration. Optimized packaging strategies help you reduce costs and increase efficiency, and that’s ultimately where you’ll see the most significant positive impact on your operations.

Eight Actionable Tips for Packaging Your Cargo Right

Here are a few tips and considerations to help you optimize packaging performance.

1. Make Sure Packaging Is Resistant to Travel Conditions

You’ll want to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Consider how it will be packed in the container or truck. For example, if your shipment includes items that might be vulnerable to contamination, vapor barriers should be considered. Proper packaging protects you from loss, delays, liability, and customer service issues.

2. Partner With Trusted Industry Expertise Like DTS World Cargo

Packaging trends frequently change, which is why it’s a good idea to partner with a trusted supply chain industry expert like DTS. We have tons of experience packaging everything from heavy machinery to fine art to medical devices. We consider each shipment individually to ensure its safety in transit and on the dock.

3. Add Every Design Needed for Automation

Most warehouses and docks use sensors and robotics, so optimizing your packaging to accommodate these machines is critical. Optimizing your packaging for automation reduces breakage, repackaging delays, and cuts costs.

4. Choose Packaging According to Logistics Requirements

The proper packaging will help you maximize capacity. Stackable, nestable, or collapsible packaging is a good choice in some cases. When you maximize capacity, you minimize per-piece costs.

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5. Explore Innovative Packaging Materials

Recycled and reusable packaging helps you cut costs and reduces the environmental impact of shipping. Many shipping companies, DTS included, will recover many types of packaging to use for returns or other shipments. We prioritize reusable packaging and find innovative ways to repurpose single-use plastics when possible.

6. Focus On Long-Term Benefits

Trends come and go, but science tells us that sustainability is the way forward. When choosing packaging, consider the long-term implications beyond hard costs. Prioritize packaging solutions that comply with today’s shipping technology.

7. Meet Diverse Packaging Needs and Follow Trends

Custom packing and crating solutions give you the flexibility to tailor your packaging to your specific needs. Speak to us about your shipping requirements; we’ll be happy to detail our processes and packaging solutions, including palletizing, crating, and custom options.

8. Avoid Using More Than ONE Supplier

Consistency is the key to success in just about every aspect of business. Working with a single logistics provider helps you achieve this. At DTS, we’ve built our reputation on solid relationships at every point in the global supply chain. We provide end-to-end logistics services and work closely with you to meet your needs.

Reach out to DTS today to speak to us about your shipping and packaging needs. We are committed to your success 100% of the way