Three Common Logistics Problems And How DTS Solves Them

Three Common Logistics Problems And How DTS Solves Them

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Logistics today could easily be described as a high-stakes game of chess. Working within certain finite boundaries, it takes strategy, insight, and determination to ensure the best possible outcome. One false move could mean delays, additional costs, and damage to customer reputation.

That being said, there are some problems in logistics that are more common than others. These are issues we see just about every day, and even though they are not unusual, they require expertise to solve them so that it doesn’t impact the quality, reliability, or cost of our services.

Top Three Most Common Logistics Problems (and Solutions)

Here are the top three most common logistics issues and how we solve them:

1. Loss And Breakage.

Logistics has changed significantly over the past years. Specifically, there are more shipments, and most of them are parcels or less-than-load. The more packages, the more potential there is for loss and breakage, and unfortunately, that’s just a game of odds.

However, proper packaging, crating, and labeling make a massive difference and can massively reduce loss and breakage in transit. DTS offers complete warehousing, crating, and custom packaging services that help you minimize loss and ensure your goods get where they’re supposed to be intact and on time. Whether your shipment is traveling across town, across the country, or to the other side of the world, you can count on us to ensure it arrives safely.

2. Customs And Paperwork.

The past few years have seen rapidly changing customs regulations, tariffs, and trade embargoes—to the point that it’s next to impossible for the average business to stay on top of their obligations where import/export is concerned. The trouble is, if you ship something with the wrong paperwork or incomplete documentation, your goods will be held up until the issue is resolved. Depending on what country you’re shipping to, you might even lose your goods completely, and that’s not an acceptable risk.

How A Freight Forwarder Can Become A Logistics Manager’s Best Ally

Of course, nobody can be expected to be on top of current legislation 100% of the time, and you probably have better things to do. That’s where working with a logistics provider like DTS is a considerable advantage, as we deal with customs and paperwork every single day. We combine decades of experience in international logistics with a technology-driven document system that ensures we are always using the proper paperwork for the situation. Working with us, you can expect expert advice, on-time deliveries, and highly accurate documentation that ensures success.

3. Cost Of Transportation.

Rising fuel costs are an industry-wide problem, but that’s not the only issue impacting transportation costs. It’s critical to stay competitive, but satisfying customer demands sometimes means taking a hit to the bottom line. These days, especially considering the massive surge in ecommerce during the pandemic, volumes are up, and freight space is highly competitive.

For the average shipper, it’s no longer possible to offer free shipping unless they work with a freight forwarder like DTS. That’s not to say that shipping is free when you work with a 3PL, but when you choose to work with us, you’re getting the advantage of our industry relationships and sophisticated technology. Through these methods, we can keep costs competitive and help you keep your profits while still giving your customers the service they want.

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