Why Freight Forwarders Are Essential in Logistics and The Supply Chain

Why Freight Forwarders Are Essential in Logistics and The Supply Chain

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Freight forwarders are a shipper’s superpower. A good one can help you build value through every link in the supply chain, leveraging their experience and relationships to give you a competitive advantage.

A big part of what a freight forwarder does is finding the best value for their customers. And while some shippers feel that a freight forwarder adds extra expense, taking them out of the equation will impact more than just the bottom line—and not in a good way.

The Value of an Experienced Freight Forwarder

When considering the value that a freight forwarder brings, first consider their expertise. Global logistics is incredibly complicated these days.

Shipments are smaller and more frequent, and getting the best prices is challenging, especially if you’re looking at less-than-load (LTL) rates. Add in ever-changing customs regulations, tariffs, and international compliance measures, and you’ve got a situation that requires an experienced team.

When you work with a freight forwarder, you benefit from their knowledge, industry expertise, and technology. It’s like having your own logistics team without the payroll expense.

Buying Power

Freight forwarders are not locked to specific carriers. Part of what they do is negotiate the best rates, and their volume of clients gives them incredible buying power. You’ll have access to rates that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, as well as shipping modes and routes that help drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Enable Growth

Growing a company is not a simple task. As your business expands, so do the demands on your time and services. Things tend to ramp up quickly, and if you can’t keep up, your efforts may fall flat. A freight forwarder supports your growth, especially when entering new markets. Look for partners that can help with integrated services, like warehousing, packing and crating, export documentation, customs clearance, and insurance. Choosing the right freight forwarder will take a lot off your plate so you can focus on customer success.

Reduce Risk

In today’s volatile business climate, logistics is a highly nuanced process. Between regulatory changes, port restrictions, and an ever-more demanding clientele, there is great potential for loss. Something as simple as filing the wrong forms or submitting inaccurate information can result in serious financial penalties and even business loss. When you work with a freight forwarder, these processes are simplified. A single entity manages the process, leveraging technology to file and submit data, ensuring it reaches the proper channels on time and as expected. If exceptional risk is anticipated, the freight forwarder will make the appropriate arrangements to secure the shipment, thus reducing the risk of lost cargo.


International shipping requires particular expertise as documentation and administration vary between countries and regions. It is critical to remain compliant in each jurisdiction, which means that documents like customs declarations, bills of lading, and letters of credit need to be in order. Getting it wrong would be more than just an inconvenience, as in some countries, you could risk losing your cargo altogether. A freight forwarder ensures these details are locked up, giving you the peace of mind you need.
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