Managing Logistics In A Pandemic: The Benefits Of Using A Logistic Provider

Managing Logistics In A Pandemic: The Benefits Of Using A Logistic Provider

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The global pandemic has changed a lot of things. Widespread lockdowns have shuttered entire industries, but businesses that had already completed their digital transformation were able to pivot operations to online, and many experienced remarkable growth because of it.

The Rise Of Ecommerce And What That Means For Logistics

Consumer habits have been slowly changing to embrace online shopping, but COVID restrictions pushed even the skeptics to make the switch. From groceries to medicine, clothing, pet food, and even building supplies, ecommerce is now an essential service.

While statistics show ecommerce is growing by about 14-15% each year since 2014, 2020 saw a massive 44% leap forward in global volumes and revenues. Ecommerce now accounts for 21.3% of global retail sales, and that number is expected to rise.

With the sudden surge and increasing demand for freight capacity to fulfill these needs, logistics has become a much more complicated and competitive undertaking. More items shipped means more cargo space; more ships, trucks, containers, and warehouse space are needed. And since the bulk of these shipments are direct-to-consumer, LTL space is in high demand.

How A Logistics Provider Improves Performance Despite the Pandemic

Small businesses require a solid logistics strategy to keep goods moving and maintain customer satisfaction.

While some goods are not particularly urgent, we see items like groceries, PPE, and other essentials entering the system and requiring local or intermediary warehousing to facilitate same or next-day deliveries. Companies that can accommodate these needs rise to the top quickly, whereas those that don’t can’t leverage the same opportunities.

How can DTS become a growth lever for your business?

Fortunately, working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like DTS World Cargo solves all these pain points. We provide small companies with the same advantages enjoyed by the world’s most successful merchants.


Benefits of Partnering With a 3PL

Working with DTS is like having your own in-house logistics team. We work with you to provide reliable, cost-effective logistics solutions that help you grow, despite the challenges of today.

Here are some of the benefits of working with DTS as your 3PL:

1. More Options

Working with a logistics provider gives you more options than you would have otherwise. Our relationships with carriers and our knowledge of the industry and current events that affect it are your assets. No matter how urgent or challenging the situation might be, we’ll get your goods where they’re supposed to be on time and as expected.

2. Flexibility

If sudden changes occur, like route reductions or decreased carrier capacity, it can end up being a costly inconvenience. We can quickly transition to meet our quoted price and service requirements, preserving your bottom line and ensuring customer delight.

3. Experience

The ever-changing regulatory landscape over the past year has created a lot of confusion for shippers. It would be a full-time job keeping up with everything you need to know—but that’s where DTS shines. We live and breathe logistics, and our fingers are on the pulse of our industry 24/7. We manage all regulatory compliance issues and documentation, mitigating risk and keeping your business moving forward.

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Working With DTS: How Can We Help You?

No matter what your logistics needs might be, a reliable 3PL like DTS helps you prosper. Reach out today to speak to us about your requirements. We’d love to show you how we can help!