Reasons Why Your Business Should Ally with a Customs Broker

Reasons Why Your Business Should Ally with a Customs Broker

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If you are in the export business, you know how critical a smooth customs process is to your success. Any delays could result in unhappy customers or have profound cost implications that eat away at your bottom line. In light of these concerns, partnering with a customs broker is smart business.

Why Ally With a Customs Broker?

To avoid some of the most common issues involved with exporting goods, you need to understand what could happen. Here are a few ways a customs broker helps you succeed.


Exporting goods is a complex process. It requires a lot of paperwork (usually done online these days) and a high degree of accuracy. If customs documentation is inaccurate or incomplete, you could face delays and steep regulatory fines.

A customs broker is a professional who will classify your goods accurately and help you stay on top of compliance concerns. Having these supports in your corner helps you maintain profitability and grow your business sustainably.

Avoid Mistakes and Incurring Penalties

If you are inexperienced with customs documentation, it’s easy to make mistakes. Customs mistakes can be costly, and ultimately, it could result in more problems down the line. As classification codes and regulations change frequently, it’s always a good idea to work with a licensed customs broker who can guide you.

The Role of Licensed Customs Brokers in Facilitating International Trade

Real-time Tracking and Visibility

High visibility is critical when sending goods overseas. Knowing where your goods are at all times helps you get them through customs quickly and get ahead of problems and delays before they start to impact your business.

Licensed customs brokers offer access to the latest online tracking tools and can step in at a moment’s notice to resolve any issues. As we continue to experience significant global supply chain slowdowns, visibility is critical.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Yes, you could take on the task of shipping your goods and dealing with customs and documentation. But if you are not a customs professional, it’s easy to make costly mistakes that cause customer service headaches and eat into your profits.

A licensed customs broker helps you reduce costs by advising you on the best shipping options to align with your needs. They can also help you access exemptions on taxes and other fees and reduce the potential for late penalties.

Expert Guidance

All good leaders surround themselves with top expertise. It helps them identify opportunities they might not otherwise know about, helping to add value to their business and supporting their teams with the most current information.

Having an experienced, licensed customs broker on your side is like having a genie in your pocket. They ensure your goods get where they are supposed to be on time and as expected so you can focus on building your business and expanding your reach into new markets.

How DTS helps

DTS is a full-service customs house broker, supporting all your international export needs. Our team is well-versed with current and changing regulatory environments and can help ensure a frictionless customs and clearance process.

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