Ecommerce And Logistics: A Winning Combination

Ecommerce And Logistics: A Winning Combination

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The past year has been remarkable in so many ways. Consumers and businesses alike were forced into new ways of operating, and there’s no question that ecommerce was at the center of it all.

The Pandemic-Driven Rise of Ecommerce

Ecommerce growth was stratospheric in 2020, with 44% growth over 2019—nearly triple that of previous years—and representing 21.3% of all global retail sales. Of that number, Amazon accounted for one-third of that number. But it could never have happened without logistics.

As more retailers made the switch to online selling, a reliable logistics partner was the key to their success. Demand was high for next-day and last-mile deliveries as items not typically sold online, like groceries, became an essential need. According to some estimates, 35% of households in the United States now purchase their groceries online.

But even as the restrictions start to ease and shopping goes back to “normal,” it’s doubtful that consumers will change their ways. Having realized the convenience of ecommerce, there’s no going back, and that’s largely due to the logistics industry and its ability to step up.

Innovation Rules in Logistics Management

High demand for warehouse space and more capacity and volume drove costs higher for logistics providers, but most consumers did not see those increases reflected in their fees.

Instead of passing the cost along to the customer, providers chose to innovate, finding ways to optimize operations using technology like automation, artificial intelligence, digital freight matching, and warehouse management software (WMS). As a result, we saw a massive acceleration in these areas and now have better supply chain visibility than we’ve ever experienced.

How can DTS become a growth lever for your business?

A Good Logistics Partner is Essential For Ecommerce Success

For retailers making a move to online selling or new ecommerce businesses starting up in the wake of the pandemic, ensuring goods get to the customer on time is key. However, cost is an even more significant concern. After all, if shipping eats up your margin, what’s the point in being in business?

How DTS Can Help You

When you choose DTS World Cargo as your logistics partner, you’re investing in the future of your business. Customer experience is the single most important factor in business growth, so you need to be sure you’re surrounding yourself with people and companies that share your commitment. DTS is that kind of logistics provider.

We have a reputation as a customer-centric 3PL, as our clients know we always go the extra mile to help them succeed. Our experience, industry relationships, and out-of-the-box thinking ensure the best possible results, even in challenging situations such as we’ve endured through the pandemic.

Whether you’re a local ecommerce startup or an established retailer with a global audience, we have solutions to help you grow. We’ll work with you to ensure we help you achieve the best possible value, and you can rely on us for accurate quotes, documentation, and next-level services, such as last-mile delivery, export documentation, crating and packaging, and much more.

Reach out today to tell us more about your logistics needs. We’d love to show you how we can help you grow.